Friday, December 24, 2010

Pandora dropped down beside Obsidian...his tears of frustration broke her heart, 'Obsidian,its OK...I will place no demands on you my love...if we must remain lovers only,then so it shall be. I will remain your companion for as long as you desire me....don't tell me I deserve more,because you are what I want...and I am quite willful when it comes to things I desire."

"I am going to speak with Silk when she returns; perhaps there is something she has learned about keeping the daemon at bay until she wants to bring it forth. If you can do the same perhaps you will not be stuck like this again; spend the rest of the night up here...I will let Stoney and the others know you are not returning...wait!, I am so can tell Stoney have the connection. " Pandora again kissed his scaled reptilian face, it was still Ob in there..." Obsidian,just this once I want you to enter my mind...I want you to feel what I feel toward you,I want you to understand I am not repelled by you...please? " I believe all things happen for a reason...and perhaps I was meant to show you that you are the man you are for a purpose,that time may not have come yet...but the gods gave you no more to bear than you are able. Obsidian Heart,live in the moment,give no more thought to the future...and I will walk each day beside you...if the daemon calls; tell me I must leave you till you can put it aside,or let me help you with my magick to put that part of you in its place.

Pandora sat against Ob's side,leaning against his scaled arm...her head bent to rest against his head.......the pale moon reflecting on the beauty and the beast she loved.....

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