Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It takes a few minutes before Raina feels that she can move again. She runs her hands up and down Nicks chest, kissing him on the neck and then trailing kisses down his chest and lower. She teasingly grabs his balls and lightly squeezes, making Nick moan softly. Moving her hand she starts to lightly stroke his dick, enjoying the feel of him twitching and starting to get harder in her hands. “I've missed this too...” She lowers her head to takes his semi hard dick in her mouth. She starts by licking around the head, and then running her tongue up and down the underside of his dick and lower, kissing and licking his balls. Moving her tongue back up to the tip and circling there, noticing that he is getting harder by the second, she lowers her head and engulfs his hardness. Sucking alternately hard then a bit softer and using her tongue to tease the underside until she feels that he is totally erect. His dick is hard and throbbing with desire when Raina takes him all into her mouth and throat, moving her head up and down slowly, then a little faster... Nick moans louder and Raian can feel him tighten, ready to explode in her mouth. She stops, raises her head and asks with a wicked grin on her face “Should I continue, lover, or climb on?”

Raina laughs softly, “Since you cant seem to decide I think I will climb on. Sound all right to you?”

Nick nods his head and groans as she slides her wet pussy down the length of his hard cock. Raina had intended to fuck him slowly but once she started couldnt control herself. Impaling herself on him she starts to move faster, rational thought gone, all she is aware of is sensation and need...

Nick can feel that she is close, her pussy grabbing his cock, pushing him nearly over the edge. He sits up, grabs her hair, and kisses her deeply. Lowering his head he takes a firm nipple into his mouth, sucking her as she thrusts against him. Raina moans, her wetness clamping on his hardness, right on the brink. Nick moves his mouth to her neck. Using his fangs he barely bites her, but its enough to send shock waves through Rainas body and she explodes immediately, gushing and Nick is a second behind her, driving deep and filling her.

“Gods, Nick. What the hell was that??”

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