Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Stoney touches his thoughts to Alise. His own terror is at being a father, not that there was more than one baby. He was used to large clans, lots of young ones. *Vous ├¬tes une belle, ├ętonnante femme, Chaton. I am lucky to have you in my life, even more being blessed with children. We will do well, mon amour. Trust me. 

Keeping his arm around Alise' waist, Stoney kisses her gently. Someone drops quarters in the jukebox and people start to drift away. The tension in Alise' body starts to ease. He helps her get comfortable and kisses her temple. "Chaton... listen to me, please... I feel two energies other than yours, and both already love their maman. We will do fine mon amour." Stoney brings her fingers to his lips. "And we are not alone. We have family and friends around us."

Stoney looks through his hair at Alise and grins. "I have to speak with Traeger. Will you be alright here with Rowan? Ob wants me to sit in with the band, but I won't leave you for that if you don't want. But I need to speak with Traeger and get something I left here with Pandora."

*You are a beautiful, amazing woman, Chaton.

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