Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ike laid out the clothes and stared in disbelief. She read the note she had found in the middle of the pile a second time.

So Little Sister...

Looks like you are no longer a juvenile. Not having to slowly change upon waking is a sign of maturity. Wings will hide next.

I figured since you are no longer a kid, its time to dress the part.


Ike stifled a scream, fighting back tears. She donned the loose skirt and panties, then looked doubtfully at the open backed vest. It was so a Tori top. When she closed the front, she could only close the lower buttons. There was a strapless bra on the bed. Ike threw the vest aside and put on the bra. it looked better than the vest but there was no way she was going out in just it. She shrugged into the vest and closed what she could of the buttons.

When Ike looked in the mirror she sighed. This so was NOT her. She looked like a cross between business slut and... she didn't know what.

At least her wings were not compromised in this outfit. The thought came to her mind.. Wench... that is what she was trying to think of... a bar wench. She was going to kill Tori later.

Ike opened the door, crossing her arms over her abundant chest. She knew she had on more clothes than at the wet T-shirt competiton, but she felt like she was not properly dressed.She felt... naked.

She looked up into Monty's eyes, trying not to cry.

"Tori sent me some of HER clothes."

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