Wednesday, December 22, 2010

There is laughter from the other side of the room. It is good to hear the sound. Stoney raises his head, nodding when he sees the Riders with Nick and Raina. The tiger waves from another table, trying to catch his attention. 'Tony' is making a circling motion then pointing at Alise. Stoney nods.

Mon Chaton, the boys from the college, they want to say hello. I told them oui... The wolf wants to apologize.

Stoney's hand rests on the back of Alise' neck, a warm and comforting touch. Marc hangs back as his three friends approach to welcome her back. He watches quietly, then stands within her sight. When Stoney nods, Marc drops to his hands and knees, crawling slowly forward to offer his welcome, keeping low in respect.

Stoney softly explains to Alise that Marc is showing her that she is of higher ranking. He is apologizing for his past behavior. Stoney knows she can read it from his mind, but gives the others the courtesy of knowing what is happening. He is proud of her control when she resists shying away. Marc raises his head and lays it on her knee, looking up at her submissively. Alise touches his hair at Stoney's urging.

His nostrils flare and a stunned look crosses his face. He blinks once, twice, eyes going amber. He looks around, grinning foolishly, and lifts his head, letting out a very wolfish howl of joy.

Keon's voice lilts out over the room.

"I take it, ye have accepted the pup's apology?"

The Rider's are leaning against the edge of a nearby booth. Alise rises to greet them, but Guunnar's voice has her sitting again.

"Sit down, Madel. You sholdt be taking care in yer delicate condition. Ve are men. Ve will do the bending. Bad enuff you are hurt. You must tink of babies."

There is dead silence as Guunnar bends over Ike to look at her wing. He straightens up and giving the room a puzzled look.

"Vat? You not notice?" He shakes his head, turning his attention back to Ike under Monty's close scrutiny. "Bah, people today. So Valkyrie... I saw the punch, I tink you heal sehr gut. By the way, you looked gut in the earlier bodice too." He winks as Ike blushes."Ach now madel, I am chust teasin ya. I am alt enuff to be your grandvatter"

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