Friday, December 24, 2010

Nick runs his tongue down Rainas spine and back up again, “We can both do you at the same time, would you like that?”

Raina hesitates, a very slight shift in her expression, a moment of stillness, that no one else would notice but Nick picks up on it right away.

“I havent exactly done that before, but sure, we can try it.”

Nick is surprised, he always thought she had probably experienced everything there was to try at least twice, knowing Raina.

Exchanging amused glances with Guunnar over her head, Nick blurts out, “You're kidding, right?”

“No, I am not kidding. And get that smirk off your face, vampire, or I might remove it for you.”

To his credit, Nick tries to change his expression to a more serious one and ends up looking totally ridiculous, causing Raina to start giggling.

“Sorry... okay, in all seriousness... no, I havent had two men in me at the same time. Seems like all the guys would rather just watch instead of participate... that and I wasnt sure if I trusted them. If its too much and I want to stop, thats what I want.” Looking over her shoulder at Nick who was laying behind her, “But you I trust...” and turning back to Guunnar, “And you too.”

She looks into Guunnars eyes for a few seconds and then slowly starts to kiss him, her tongue teasing his lips. His hand gently grabs a breast and squeezes her hard nipple. Her hand slowly moves to caress his side and moves lower over his hip, across her hip and over to Nicks. Nicks face is buried in her hair, kissing the back of her neck while his hand is working her clit, making her moan and push against him.

Raina feels like she is on fire, pressed between the two men, every part of her body front and back in contact with warm skin, hands and lips touching, teasing...

She moans and Nick whispers in her ear “You dont have to do this.”

Raina leans back, “I know, but I've always wondered what it would be like. I want to...”

Nick gets up and returns with a jar of lube that Raina has in the dresser. Sitting on the edge of the bed he watches Guunnar stroke her back, the big hands gentle on Rainas skin, her back arching into the caress. He watches as they kiss and whisper in whatever language it is they speak to each other in. Strangely, it doesnt make him feel left out in any way. Guunnar sees Nick with the lube and nodding grabs Rainas leg and pulls it over his hip, holding it there. When Nick lubes her ass he sees Guunnars hard cock between Rainas legs, teasing her clit and wet opening. Slowly inserting a finger into her ass, she starts to push back against his hand and then forward against Guunnar, not sure what she wants more of. Nick works her ass, stretching her, her moans turn to begging for more.

Nick nods at Guunnar, “You go first.”

Grinning, Guunnar pushes his cock into her wetness, pulling her close to him and hiking her leg up higher. Nick watches him slide in and out of Raina, his cock hard and ready for her. Adding more lube to her and then to himself, he pushes the head of his cock into her tight ass, not moving for a minute, letting her get used to the feeling. He can feel Guunnar moving slowly inside Raina when he stops. When Guunaar stops Nick pushes in another inch.

The sensations are new to Raina and she starts to tremble, moaning quietly, face buried in Guunnars neck. When Nick is all the way inside her, he pauses, “Is this okay?”. She nods her head, unable to speak.

When both men start to slowly move inside her, she aches, feeling such tenderness during sex is new to her and from two people at the same time is almost overwhelming. Her pussy tightens and grabs hard onto Guunnars cock making him gasp in surprise. Her emotions are stripped bare with every thrust, every groan and she closes her eyes tight, afraid of crying in front of anyone. Two tears slip down her cheek, causing Guunnar to pause, “*Tårna? Er du i orden? Skulle vi stopp?” and Guunnar wipes her face and kisses her.

“**Nej , dess så god , så förbanna god. Behaga dont stopp”, and Raina tries to thrust faster, close to losing control.

With the faster thrusting from Raina, Nick is almost undone. He can feel every tiny move she makes and Guunnars as well. “Gods, Rain, this so good, oh baby, I'm so close...”

Nicks first jet starts a chain reaction that leaves them all breathless, and once their breathing has returned to normal and pulses slowed they are content to lay together, no one willing to move.

*Tears? Are you all right? Should we stop?

**No, its so good, so damn good. Please dont stop

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