Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Feeling calmer and reassured after Stoney sends his thoughts to her, Alise smiles and lets her breath out slowly. “You can feel their energy? Already?” Alise laughs softly, “Can you tell them their maman loves them very much too, and loves their papa as well?” She runs a hand along his cheek, “I know we will all be fine, I trust you, Chiot. I just hope your family is not upset with us for not telling them sooner. I didnt mean for them to find out like that. How did the rider know?”

“I'll be fine here with Rowan and I dont mind if you want to sit in with the band for awhile. I dont want to stay too late tho... *le lac appelle à moi…” and she gives Stoney a wicked little grin...

Raina sees Alise and Rowan sitting alone in the booth talking. She takes a detour on her way to talk to the rider. She sits next to Alise, “Hey..are you all right? You were looking a little shell shocked there for a bit...”

Alise nods, “Shocked, yes, but everything will be fine. It just takes a little getting use to. Are you staying here with Nick tonight?”

Laughing Raina tells her, “Probably, I'll be sending Panther to you later. We might be adding a third to our fun tonight, thats if I can get the rider interested...”

“Raina! Two men? At the same time? What am I going to do with you?” Alise covers her face and starts to laugh, “You are so naughty.”

“Are you blushing?”, Raina teases Alise. “I'll be sure to tell you all about it, every detail if you want...”

“Noooo.. I dont need to hear...” and Alise and Rowan keep laughing as Raina walks away from the booth, putting a little more swing in her hips...

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