Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The regulars started coming in, well aware by the sign on the door that Montenegro would not be playing tonight. Some are still sporting signs of the battle, others are  bringing friends to the new IT place for the "Super Crowd". The group is subdued. Many stop and give a greeting to Pandora and Patti, a few of the females asking after Monty.

The college boys stop by the table. Ron grins. The fox has a new air about him. He was one of the shifters that had kept Jean-Marc from getting away. He bows over Pandora's hand, giving it a gentle kiss and goes to claim a table before there are none left.

Marc hooks a chair, bringing it to their table. "How is Miss Alise?" The boys are happy she is getting better, Marc sorry he couldn't take a chunk out of one of the shifters who betrayed their own. "Loup Garou are supposed to be the heirarchy of our clans. If that is what the Loup Garou have become, we are better off without their... guidance."

The tiger urges him to let the matter drop. "Is it true what we hear? His eyes tilt with his smile. "She and the quiet one are getting hitched?"

Ob laughs. "You guys are here for what, five minutes?, and already you know?" The tiger nods.

When Ob tells them yes, the boys whoop. Heads turn toward the noise and they announce it to the Tavern in general. The atmosphere is charged and the boys hit the jukebox, plying it with quarters.

The dance floor fills up quickly and it's almost like nothing has happened. In between the people, Ob can see Ike curled close to Monty. He opens to her and feels her pain, but it is not as bad as before. He watches her flex her wings, knowing Monty is urging her to use the muscles. Good man. Ike looks at Ob and nods, then turns back to Monty.

Ob smiles and raises Pandora's hand to his lips.

"Come dance with me, Mi Bruha. They are playing our song...."

The music is a throbbing beat, but hard to hear about the noise of the celebrating shifters. Pandora raises a delicate brow at Ob and he grins.

"No mujer. I have NO idea what song is playing, only that I want to dance with you." He winks at Traeger and whisks Pandora out on the floor. Pulling her close, he fits his body to hers and grinds to the music.

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