Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Guunnar runs his fingers over Ike's shoulder, muttering and scowling. Monty hovers, watching every move closely. With a huff, Guunnar blows out his mustache in exasperation.

"Little man. I tell you vonct only. I need you to back up. You are blocking her injury from my sight." He shakes his shaggy head, beads clacking, and resumes muttering. "*Verre enn en Polen Bamse inne heten."

His big hands caress lightly over the base of Ike's wing. She shivers under his touch. Guunnar scowls deeper to hide the fact that he is enjoying her reaction, and that baiting Monty was really FUN.

"**Din hud er like atlask , så glatte , bløt neden for meg finger. Hvis det muskelen av din rygg er denne kraftig , hva ville den ligne å har du gjøre narr av meg?"

"You have beautiful, strong vings Valkyrie. I tink you vill..." he flicks a glance at Monty and winks at Ike. "Vat sight you must be in the moonlicht." He grins at Monty" "She ist like an engel ven you make hot sex, ja?"

*Worse than a Polar Bear in heat.
**Your skin is like satin, so smooth, soft beneath my fingers. If the muscles of your back are this strong, what would it be like to have you riding me?

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