Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Stoney hids a grin and offers the wet towel. He puts on an innocent face, bending to one knee.

"I think you are dripping, mon amor. Shall I clean you up?"

Alise looks down and frowns, spreading her thighs. "Oh. Oui, Re'mi. I am not sure I can reach properly right now."

"Sit Chaton... I will take care of it."

When Alise has settled herself on the edge of the bed, Stoney leans forward and gently wipes her thighs. He rests his head on her lap, hiding his expression in the damp tangle of his hair. His strokes are gentle, washing clean her thighs, listening to the soft sigh his touch brings. Once both thighs are pristine, Stoney rubs the towel along the wet folds of her slit. Alise moans softly. Grinning wickedly, Stoney dips his head between her thighs and kisses her sticky skin.

He laps gently as Alise squirms, protesting they don't have time. Stoney laughs, sending the warmth over her wetness, bringing a shudder. Her hands grip his hair and Alise yanks as she bucks. Stoney slips two fingers inside, and begins to stroke, as he suckles and teeths on her clit. In moments Alise is cumming, His fingers slide from her and his lips claim her pussy, drinking her down. When Alise pants quietly, and her hands gently stroke through his hair, Stoney finishes to wiping her clean.

Rising, Stoney bends over her and kisses her belly gently. He whispers something, too low for Alise to hear and helps her rise.

"Feeling better, Mon amor?"  Stoney kisses her gently and turns to dress, wiping his own sticky flesh with a damp part of the towel. He hides a satisfied smile as he pulls on a shirt and drags a comb through his half dry hair.

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