Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ob flexed, feeling things shifting into their human places. He hears Pandora's soft breathing and turns, just looking at her in the dying light.

"*Hermoso … simplemente, erĂ³ticamente, hermoso. Mujer, you are a wonderful vision to open one's eyes upon. My midnight rose."

He notices the pillows, the tray of fruits and cheeses, the flask of water. A slow smile drifts across his features and he pulls her into his arms. His dark fingers dance along her pale flesh and Ob nuzzles her neck, making her sigh.

"You are a delight, Pandora... a joy in my heart." He whispers it along her throat, brushing his lips along her skin until his lips tease hers. I love you. is nothing more than a breath against her lips before he surrenders to the hunger to kiss her.

*Beautiful... simply, erotically, beautiful.

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