Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Alise opens her eyes and the first thing she sees is Stoney looking at her. “What is wrong mon amour? You look so serious.”

She struggles to sit up, trapped between the couch and Panther, who is laying as close as she possibly can to Alise.

“Raina said you would take all the room while a person sleeps”, and she scratches the big head causing a loud rumble of purring..

“I was dreaming of you, but it was strange. I think Raina was there, in Paris. I was showing her the cemetery.. Remember when we first met Chiot? I was afraid I was going to be someones supper.” and she laughs, “You must have thought I was so silly, but I think I loved you even then. Even though I could never beat you at tag or hide and seek. I always tried so hard, but having wings did give you an unfair advantage.”

Smiling, Stoney runs his fingers through her hair. “Nothing is wrong mon amour, just watching you sleep and remembering as well.” Stoney pulls her close to him, and Alise curls up in his lap. Both are content to hold each other and watch the fire, cuddling and whispering.

“Can you talk to Ob?? I want to know how Ike is doing... I am worried about her. I want to go see her soon. Maybe tomorrow night if we wait until late when there is not a crowd at the tavern. We dont have to stay long, I just want to see her with my own eyes...”

“We'll see how you are doing tomorrow,” and he starts to tease her with kisses, ending any conversation for the time being...

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