Friday, December 24, 2010

Pandora is stunned, and she is hurt....Obsidian Heart is everything to her,and yet he holds back from her,why has he never revealed or talked of this he that afraid of this foreign part of his nature?

She has sensed the savage side of him in their lovemaking,his dominance and intense passion...and that is one of the things she loves in him,the contrasts. She can't tear her eyes from him, as if she can call his soul with the emotions roiling inside her. She doesn't know what to wait for him ? leave him alone for now?...she wishes that Silk were back,she would be able to tell her much about Obsidian's childhood and perhaps some insight into how she deals with her daemon side.

Traeger attempts to speak to her and she shakes her head....and he lowers his eyes and lets her be.

Pandora feels more tears slipping down her cheeks,she loves him deeply, this is the first time she has felt estranged from him....she feels daggers piercing her heart that he won't look into her eyes.....

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