Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Alise pushes back, “Mon amour, this is so unfair. You know very well that I want to see Ike. And now I want you too..”

She turns to face him and sits down on the bed. She smiles when she notices her face is in a perfect position for what she has in mind. She starts to run her tongue around the head of his cock, looking up at him, desire shining in her eyes. Her tongue moves through his slit and down the length of him, her hands gently tugging at his balls. When she takes his hardness into her mouth and starts to suck, Stoney shudders, control almost gone. He pulls her up gently by her hair, “Chaton, such teasing will get you in trouble..” He lifts her up and as she wraps her legs around him, he lowers her onto his throbbing cock.

“Oh!” and her legs grip tighter in surprise and hunger. She tries to thrust against him and he stops her.

“Non, let me..” and he lifts her up and down, slowly at first, letting it build for her. When she starts to moan, he moves faster, thrusting harder, letting her go over the edge before he allows himself release.

Alise is shaking, clinging to Stoney, “Mon Dieu, I hope I can walk after this.”

He sets her gently on the bed, kneeling in front of her, teasing her with kisses.

“Maybe we will have to give ourselves enough time to stop at the lake before we come back here. Would you like that Bebe?”

“Yes, the lake. I would love that.” Alise throws her arms around Stoneys neck. “I better get dressed then so we can go. Pick a dress for me, I like them both.”

Stoney laughs at her, “All right, wear the blue one. Do you need my help?”

“No, I can do it, Get dressed Chiot” and with a wicked smile, “or shall I help you?”

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