Friday, December 24, 2010

Alise smiles at Stoney as he takes the stage. What did you say to them? They are quiet now.... and Alise holds a hand over her tummy wondering if somehow they can feel that.

What is wrong with Ob? I can tell, and do not tell me its nothing. Alise sees how Pandora is watching him, her face worried and sad, and Ob is trying to not look at her. There are so many feelings and thoughts swirling around Ob, Alise cant make sense of it. She feels him start to block everyone out, and she sends him her thoughts, Barbare, I swear I will come up there and thump you in the head, what is going on??

As the band starts to sing, Jack comes up behind Alise and taps her on the shoulder. She smiles warmly at him, “Jack, hi. Please...sit down. I wanted to talk to you earlier, but not in front of everyone.”

Jack looks puzzled, What could she possibly need to tell me that she couldnt say in front of anyone else? “Okay, what did you need to talk about? I am all ears...”

“Well....I know you wont think I am crazy when I tell you this. But remember when I was a ghost and only you and Ob could see me? I could see the other spirits then too. But when I got to be...alive again or however you want to phrase that...I didnt think I would see them any longer. But...well....the truth is I can still see them. And I wanted to know if I should tell them to talk to you, so you can send them where ever it is they are suppose to be now.”

Jack asks, “Are you positive that its ghosts you are seeing?”

Alise nods, “Yes, I am positive. Like that lady that just walked in here. She is standing over there looking at you and she has a hole in her chest....”

Turning to see who Alise is looking at, Jack is stunned, “Holy crap, you can see them. Does Stoney know about this?”

Alise sighs, “He does now... But thats not all...”

“Theres more?? What else can you see?” Jack is worried that her big stone gargoyle is going to think this is his fault and launch himself off the stage and strangle him...

Nodding, Alise continues, “When I was at that farm....” her eyes fill with tears, “there were many, many of them, the spirits I mean. They are trapped there and they are innocents, not his people. Is there any way to help them? If I take you there could you send them heaven? But there in is the problem, I dont know if I can make myself go near that place, even if Stoney would let me. Is there anything that we can do for them?”

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