Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rowan laughs, “Oh, so you work in a cemetery, but tour guide? For ghosts?”

Funny, he has almost no aura, a faded black edge, thats it. Reaper? Ferryman? Cursed in some way? Hmmm...interesting.... but he seems like too nice a guy for any of these possibilities...

Alise starts giggling at the thought of Jack wielding a shovel, enchanted or otherwise..

Rowan gets Alises attention, “Theres Raina and Nick at the bar.”

Raina waves as she sits next to Nick. Dressed in black leather from head to toe, pants skin-tight, vest laced up the sides and front and high heeled boots. She tosses back a shot of tequila and starts to dance in her seat.

Smiling Rowan says, “She certainly isnt a shy one is she?”

Another one with a strange aura, but so fiercely devoted to Alise... Okay, Rowan, stop analyzing and just enjoy yourself..

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