Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Stoney leans back in the shadows, letting Alise bond with Rowan. The two of them together make him think of his mother and sister. His brothers were much like their father, always speaking of keeping the bloodlines pure. His mother urged him to follow his heart. His sister the same, but that was because she wanted someone other. The women were beautiful in the evening light, prompting him to quote in a soft voice.

If my world were ending, what sight would bring a tear to my eye?
If my world were ending, what would make this aching heart sigh?
If my world were ending, what beauty would bring a smile?
If my world were ending, it would be the blessed sight of a Mother and her Girl Child.

He steps from the shadows and bows to the women.

"The Gods themselves could not have blessed me with as beautiful vision as this. Merci, ladies, for making this night even more beautiful." He smiles, offering his hand to Alise, then Rowan, once he had safely tucked Alise' hand into the crook of his arm.

"Are we ready to visit the tavern,, and our Kith and Kin?"

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