Friday, December 24, 2010

Traeger listens to his daughter's speech;and his heart swells with pride that she has become such a loving and insightful woman... what she said was what Ob needed to hear,she was not horrified or changed by his revelation,she still saw him as the man she has fought beside and loved.

Traeger agreed with his daughter ,but he was also a lot more experienced with life; and he had seen a man overcome by his dark side... and the struggle he engaged to regain himself.

He would talk with Obsidian privately,and let him know that if ever he perceives things that lead him to believe Ob is possessed by his daemon self, he will take Pandy to a safe place until they can overcome it together. He would never desert Ob, but taking his daughter from harm's way was his gut reaction. He knew Pandora would fight him every step too... so he hoped it would never come to pass.

Rowan's offer of another woman to help Alise was a wonderful revelation... and sounded as if it would fulfill the needs of all parties involved. That she had stumbled upon the elf was not surprising with her background, and he admired her more as their conversations grew in scope.

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