Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pandora can't believe her ears, Alise is getting married in one breath...and in the next the world hears the news that Stoney and Alise are having twins....everyone is clapping Stoney on the back and making jokes about his manliness,while poor Alise looks surprised and overwhelmed by it all. Pandora went to Alise and said softly.."If all this becomes too much,you are welcome to retire upstairs..there is a vacant room next to Raina's that you and Stoney can is a suite with a nice relaxing bath and fireplace." Alise looked grateful...although Pandora doubted she would leave,for Stoney would surely follow her...and everyone was talking to congratulate them..and it would look rude to go.

Pandora turned to Rowan,telling her how happy she was to have a healer among the friends here...for they seemed to need one fairly often in this rowdy crowd."I have extended an invitation to Alise to take a room here with Stoney when she desires to do it;and as a friend,and her midwife...I would like you to feel welcome as well. If you want more privacy, my father has the building next door...and he has many unused rooms fact I think you could open a part-time clinic there if you wanted to. We have a predominantly supernatural group here,and they would feel more comfortable with you than a normal doctor..especially since most favor the night. Think about it,my father could give you details of the space he has."

Pandora drifted over to Ike and told her how much better she looked tonight,and asked.."Ike,why don't we have a girl's shopping night,most stores are open till 10PM. We'll take Raina and Alise...Alise will need some loose fitting clothes to carry the babies; and perhaps we can find something alittle sexier and grown up for you without you feeling like a hooker." Ike laughed when she said that,and Pandora realized it sounded like  she was implying Tori's clothes were for hookers.  She didn't want to offend anyone,so she looked to Tori...but found her engrossed in talking with the college kids and oblivious to her comment, thank the gods.

Pandora returned to Ob's side,wanting the feel of him hugging her close...although she would never admit it to anyone, she was a little jealous of Alise and the upcoming wedding AND babies. Ob glanced down at if reading her mind,and she raised on tiptoes to kiss him,wanting the reassurance of his love.....feeling the strong link of love and lust between them,and she felt instantly better.

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