Wednesday, December 22, 2010

With Monty curled up with Ike, Patti needed a bit of help behind the bar. Ob didn't have much experience, but Patti ran him through the moves. They made a decent showing, although he was grateful that the night was ending.

Last call had sounded about half an hour before and the last few patrons were winding their way out the door. Ob sat down with Traeger for a few minutes. He clued him in that Stoney wanted to talk to him about designing a ring for Alise.

After spending some time helping Pandora and Patti clean up, Ob suddenly grinned and threw Pandora over his shoulder.

"Night, all." he winks at Traeger and bounds up the stairs.

He was up the stairs in a few steps. Pandora wriggled and Ob slaps her butt.

"Settle down mujer... I have something in mind."

His hand wanders over her rounded cheeks as he kicks her bedroom door open. She squeals as he tosses her on the bed. Ob kicks off his shoes, stripping off jeans and shirt in short order.  His eyes shine in the dark room as he looks over her sprawled form. He hooks a finger, beckoning her closer. Pandora crawls slowly toward him.

"Take off those clothes, Bruha, slowly. Undress for me."

He watches as see takes the clothes off, her blouse hits the floor, then her skirt. his hands close over hers, stopping her as she starts to unclasp her bra. When she looks up, his lips claim hers, teasing lightly. His fingers trail lower, exploring over her panties, caressing the soft fabric over her mound. The tips of his fingers touch damp fabric and he growls low in his throat. She presses against his fingers, urging him on. The delicate material grinds into her clit.

"So wet already sweetheart..." with a wrench the panties are gone. Pandora's body bucks and she yelps. Two fingers dip inside, slowly stroking, teasing her open wider. "I am going to fuck you mi amor, slow and hard." He shoves his fingers deep and she moans.

"You are so hungry to be fucked, aren't you?" Pandora writhes, trying to buck on his hand, harder faster. Ob grins wickedly and lifts her high, sliding her down his body. Her breath sighs out as Ob rubs her over his cock. Her hands sink in Ob's hair, wrapping the long mane around her fists. Ob groans, and finds her opening. With a hard thrust, he shoves himself deep and he pulls Pandora down, impaling her deep.

He arches back and takes her to a wall. Pandora grinds against him, her body wild against his. The lace of her bra scratches, sending shivers down his back. When her nails scrape hard and he moans into her mouth. The harder her nails bite, the harder he bucks, shoving her against the wall. An errant thought slides through his mind. Much harder and I am going to shove her through the wall. Pandora's teeth find his neck and he ROARS. His muscles clamp down and Ob stumbles back. Hands clamping her to him, Ob pulses, throbbing deep as he fights for control. Pandora laughs and licks over the bite. Ob drops to his knees, sliding from her as her feet hit the floor. It takes all his will not to explode.

Somehow, Pandora has fallen back into a chair. Ob dives between her legs, pressing them up and out, spreading her wide. His tongue laps, teasing, making her writhe, raising up to his mouth. Her clit is hard, thrusting itself out for attention, and Ob obliges. Pandora moans, hands sinking into his hair, tugging, yanking, making him moan into her wet depths. His tongue wriggles through her wetness, teasing and lapping, curling to thrust hard.

Pandora screams, bucking hard. "Cloooose.. So close!" and Ob pulls away.

Laying back on the floor, he holds his cock up, stroking slowly. "Fuck me Pan... Ride me hard, fast. make yourself cum before I turn to stone."

Pandora sinks down, slowly taking him deep, feeling the width as more than moments before. She moans and begins to grind hard, taking his length as deep as she can. her nails scrape down his chest and Ob writhes under he touch. He lets her set the pace, hard deep thrusts alternate with short quick pumps. He feels his control slipping, bucking up into her, fingers digging at the rug as he tries to keep from gripping her.

The stone is creeping over him, Ob can feel it working up his legs. Pandora leans forward and scrapes her teeth along a nipple as the stone hits his groin. His cock thickens, widening, stretching her as she grinds. There is a shudder and she cums hard, bathing him with her sweet heat. He raises a hand to stroke her cheek as scales form against his will.

"Mi amor... I love you. I..."

Pandora moans, reaching out to touch the dragonlike features and he shudders and stills. He thinks how hot and tight she is, and that he is suddenly one frustrated gargoyle.

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