Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Guunnar rises to his feet and slaps a hand on Monty's shoulder, almost dropping the smaller man to his knees.

"*Du har gi avskjed , liten Mann. Det Valkyrie nødvendig en fint kraftig warrior. Du gavne henne , eller Keon og Jeg vil være nødt til å lære du hvor , ja?" His booming laugh echoes and draws up heads.

"If you ever need a stand in, or maybe third, you let Guunnar know."

Still laughing, Guunnar turns away from Ike and Monty,and grins as he hears Ike ask Monty what he had said. He spies Raina weaving her way through the crowd. Now THERE, He thinks to himself, Is a wild bit of woman.

*You have fire, little Man. The Valkyrie needs a good strong warrior. You be good for her, or Keon and I will have to teach you how, yes?

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