Friday, December 24, 2010

The red haired woman pauses at the entrance to the tavern. She takes notice of the sign near the door with the details of the upcoming Halloween party and costume contest. “Hhmmm...possibilities....and everyone in costume for the night....”

She waits for the man with her to open the door and she steps into the dimly lit tavern and looks around. No one would have guessed that this was the first time she had been inside. Head held high, her green eyes flash as she glances over the room, taking in the occupants and what they are doing. To anyone that didnt know differently she acted as if she was the owner, sizing up the customers. The man with her stands a step or two behind, quiet, head held down looking at the floor. When the woman heads for a table, he follows, never looking up.

He pulls a chair out for her and stands behind her, looking uncomfortable. “I suppose I cant have you sitting on the floor out in public can I? Very well, you may sit on a chair. But only after you get me a glass of wine.” The red head sneers when she catches sight of Monty working at the bar. “One of us working?? He must be a slave, cant the humans find any of their own for menial labor?”

The man approaches the bar, pulling the cap on his head farther down in an attempt to cover his hair and his ears. Monty leans forward a bit to ask what he wants and the man looks up and his light blue eyes meet Montys for a split second.

Monty is startled, What are the fae doing here? But he quickly recovers and gets the wine for the customer.

He brings the wine to his mistress, hesitates, then says, “Milady, your wine....”

She snaps at him, “Put it down. sit, and do not talk to me. I am thinking. And dont address me like that in public. Call me Morgan if theres a chance you can be overheard.”

Morgan taps her long nails on the tabletop as she thinks. I need a child, but not just any child. There are too many of the common little maggots serving the court as it is. This place is reputed to be frequented by many 'others'..... Her eyes linger on a few of the female patrons. She notices Alise and Stoney, their hands across her belly, smiling and whispering. What is she? Not quite human, something else?? but obviously pregnant. A possibility... She watches as Pan leaves with Ob, her senses keen, that ones a witch and more than ready to conceive.... She dismisses Patti, watches Ike with some interest, until she gives Monty a kiss, uuugggg, no half breeds, enough of those too...I wonder if a spell would push the witch into conceiving? A witch's child...hhmmm..might be just the thing... She looks around, sizing up the rest of the women, humans, a few shifters, almost as bad as humans, the one at the bar with a computer is a gargoyle, hmmm...another possiibility.

“Well, we can leave as soon as I finish my wine, I have many things to think about now.” Morgan picks up her glass and her gaze rakes over her page. “I may need some extra attention tonight. How would you like watch me from the foot of the bed? Maybe you will learn something to make yourself more useful to me.”

Morgan stands and turns, never seeing the hate glowing in the ice blue eyes of her page.

But from the bar Monty notices the look and shivers.....

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