Friday, December 24, 2010

A Raina sandwich.

We move slowly toward the bed, slowly so as always to keep our skin touching. I'm kissing the back of her neck, her hair pushed to one side, my teeth raking gently. Naked, Guunnar looks like a Greek god, but there's a definite Viking cast to his features. I realize (somewhat to my relief) that while he's big, he's not gargantuan. He has that bulky kind of muscular development, where mine is more streamlined. I realize, too, after watching him for a moment, that he's surprisingly agile for such a big man.

Okay - confession time.

I've had sex with guys before. No, that's not precise enough. I don't mean that I've shared a woman with another guy, though I've done that, too; I mean that I've had male lovers.

Guunnar doesn't really do it for me, and damned if I know why. He does have a nice body and an impressive cock, and it's not like he turns me off; but I look at him and I don't automatically think "whoa mama!". He is nice to look at, but not nearly so nice as Raina.

Speaking of which, I've never seen a lovelier smile on her face than I see now. A hard cock in each hand, she looks somehow innocent and lascivious at the same time. My heart breaks a little when I see that smile, and I think I'd share her with the Dallas Cowboys and the cheerleaders if it meant I'd get to see it more often.

Tonight, Raina can ask anything of me, and I'll do it.

We'd make a strange sight if anyone could see us now; two naked men with a gorgeous naked woman sandwiched between them, moving crabwise toward the bed. We make it and sit down on the edge, Raina between us.

Now while I don't have any particular lust for Guunnar, I'm perfectly willing to enjoy to watch as Raina strokes his throbbing cock, and even to admire it. And then I don't give a damn about Guunnar, because Raina is stroking me now - slow, unhurried, gentle strokes... and then she captures Guunnar's cock again and begins to stroke us together

There's something powerfully erotic about watching her pleasure another man, apart from what she's doing to me, and the look on her face is equally as erotic. It's as though she has become, for the moment anyway, the goddess of - love? pleasure? lust?

Time slows to a crawl as I watch her move down to take his cock in her mouth, slowly move up and down, the muscles in her throat working... her hand still moving on my throbbing shaft. Guunnar melts under her attentions, the harsh lines in his face softening. He becomes for the first time - in my opinion, anyway - handsome. The expression on her face as she slowly moves up and down his rigid pole is somehow dreamlike, like she's lost in her own personal world of pleasure… and then she lifts her head, looks up at me and grins - and takes my cock in her wet mouth.

I shiver with the heat of it, my cock throbbing, pulsing against her tongue. She swirls it around the head, then moves down farther - farther - till her lips are kissing my balls and my back arches.

Her hand never ceases its steady up-and-down motion on the big man's cock. He looks younger somehow, as though Raina's touch, her unselfish giving has stripped years from his shoulders.

I watch in heated anticipation as she takes him back into her mouth. I realize that it's giving me pleasure now to watch her pleasure him. I don't understand it, but I don't deny the truth of it. I feel for him and with him as I watch her take him deep, her sweet wet mouth moving slowly, lingering on his thickness.

Her eyes are looking feverish when she comes back up. "Gods, you taste so  good," she says hoarsely, and then she plunges her mouth over my cock, taking me to the back of her throat and swallowing me down. I give a hoarse yell and watch through slitted eyes as the Viking slips two fingers deep inside her, fingering her with surprising gentleness. She writhes and jerks against him, moaning around my cock, the vibrations increasing my arousal still more. I watch his fingers splitting her pussy, glistening with her wetness. There's no jealousy, no envy - just the satisfaction of knowing that someone I care for is feeling good.

Is that really what I meant to say? Something, there and gone again in an instant, flits through my mind and is lost. Raina lifts her mouth from me, sits back up, her legs now open wide, her dripping pussy on display. Again she takes a cock in each hand and uses them to pull us closer together, till we stand directly in front of her, hips just touching.

I think she starts to say something, but the sound that emerges from her lips is something between a growl and a purr. "Watch." Her eyes are hot with desire as she takes Guunnar into her mouth, sucking slowly, her tongue circling his glistening shaft, her teeth gliding up, raking…. The big man is putty in her hands - or her mouth. Then she lifts her mouth from his swollen cock and engulfs mine, taking me deep, swallowing again and again. I can feel his eyes on me, on us, feel his rampant lust. The scent of sex and arousal is thick enough to taste….

When she comes back up again, she moves us so that we're facing each other. Her voice is a whisper. "Get on your knees, Nick." I obey, wondering… Anything she wants…. She holds Guunnar's cock before my face as if displaying it to me; then she drops a series of kisses along the underside of it, licking along the big vein. "Stroke his balls for me, Nick." I obey without thought; this is nothing compared to what I would do for her. She kisses and licks and sucks his cock while I work his tight hard balls with my fingers, cupping them, stroking forward from his perineum… he's gasping, his cock harder, thicker than before, wet with her mouth… She moves over to kiss me hard, stroking his cock, just an inch away from our faces. Wordlessly, she moves to her knees, offers her pussy. "Give me that cock, big man," she growls. "Fuck that tight little pussy; give it to me hard and fast." She moves to capture my cock in her mouth, moaning as Guunnar's cock slices deep. "Oh, fuck!," she moans, "oh fuck, yes, just like that. Fuck me, Guunnar!"

The Viking warrior needs no urging. He slams into her hard, making her cry out. Her voice is shaky as he pummels her tender pussy from behind. "Oh gods, yes… you like that, Nick? Fuuuuck…. you like watching him pound my pussy, like watching him fuck me? Oh gods, baby, fuck my mouth, I want to feel you both cum in me, I need it…." Guunnar slams into her with metronomic regularity; stretching her tight pussy around his throbbing meat. She gulps me down and I fuck that sweet wet mouth, the lust in the room a tangible thing. Her hips slam back to meet Guunnar's thrusts, giving as good as she gets, the big man gasping and groaning heavily. Suddenly, without warning, they stiffen as one and Guunnar roars like a bear, spilling his cum into her amazing pussy, even as Raina shrieks around my shaft. It's too much and I cum only seconds later, filling her sweet mouth with cum, again and again and again….

Later I watch from the opposite perspective, fucking her hard while Guunnar explodes between her luscious lips and she gulps down every drop. We fall to the bed, clutching at each other, our hands careless, seeking only flesh to touch and grope and caress…. And the night's barely begun.

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