Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"*Mi Hermano..." Stoney's knuckles meet Ob's, both men grinning. "It is good to see you smiling again." Somberly he lifts a bit of Stoney's hair, looking closely. "And... not a bit of grey left."

Alise cocks her head, puzzled. Ob's grin reappears. "Mon Fleur, you are a picture of loveliness. It makes this old heart joyful to see you gracing us with your presence."

He leans close and whispers loudly. "Mi hermano.. you turned him grey, Mon Fleur. There wasn't a bit of color left to him, not that there usually is a ot. All that pale skin and black hair..." Stoney shoves him away, rising fast. There are gasps from the surrounding tables and Stoney throws an arm around Ob's neck.

There is a moment of silence, suddenly broken by a snicker. Ob's laughter rings out over the crowd. Stoney grins giving him a slap on the back. "You are a trial at times, *Mon Frère." Stoney shakes his head and tugs at Ob's parti-colored locks. "We can't all be blessed with a wealth in our hair. Where is Pandora?"

"Mi Bruha will be along shortly. She is a busy woman, with a business to run. Tori will be over in a minute. You up to playing tonight?" He sees the indecision in Stoney's eyes. "Duuude! Don't worry about it. The music will still be there when you are ready."

Ob turns and takes Rowan's hand as Stoney slides back in against Alise. His lips brush the top of her hand.

"Welcome, Daughter of the Mother, to the Twisted Tit Tavern. Jack will attest that this place gets... interesante, at times, si?" Ob slaps Jack on the shoulder and grins at Alise' choked laughter.

"No.. I am thinking... si... plum LOCO is more like it."

He flashes her his grin and raises Alise's palm to his lips. "Welcome to the family Mon Fleur. You have made him a very happy gargoyle."

Tori hooks a chair and flops in it, shoving a foot against Stoney's thigh.

"Hey! About time you guys showed up! Ike'll be down in a few minutes. She's royally pissed at me." Tori presses against her forehead. "Gods, I wish she would stop yelling in my head." She props her booted feet on Stoney's lap. "Bro, stop thinking about sex all the time. You are one hard dude to contact when you block us out like that. Even Ob can't see past your new barriers."

She studies them a moment. "Either you two are playing bunnies, or you have a secret that you don't want the family to know." She raises a delicate brow. then turns to Rowan.

"I'm sorry. I am Tori, I see you met Jack and Ob. Ike will be here soon, and I assume Pandora too, since Ob and she are joined at the" She breaks off and grimaces.

"Damn, I wish she would stop yelling at me."

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