Friday, December 24, 2010

"What mi papa' gifted me with isn't just the form, Pandora. I have the curse of Possession. I can reach into another's mind and take it." He pauses for a moment. "There has been constant temptation to slip ino your mind, to see what you are feeling, thinking." Ob shakes his head, the coils slithering against his back. "Doing that... that is not right. It is not natural between us. It is no better than what he did to madre'."

He looks back up at the stars, feeling the sun still beneath the horizon. There was so much going on tonight. One set may be all they have time to play.

"I can feel that you want what Stoney and Alise have, bambinos and a binding. But look at me, I am a Daemon, Pandora. This IS what I am. The Obsidian Heart. My children are cursed to have the touch of the Daemons. This is why I never stay awake during the day. It is better to sleep as stone, than to let others see this part of me. To give in to the temptations to cause trouble."

He tries to will a change back to his normal appearance, but can't. Ob closes his eyes and takes a calming breath. He tries again and shakes with the effort. Nothing. One more try and he sits on the roof and wraps his arms around his legs, resting his jaw on his knees. Tears of frustration, well up, slipping over his scales.

Damn it! I can't... I am STUCK like this!"

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