Friday, December 24, 2010

Ob settles back in the booth, draping his arm around Pandora. His fingers play in the fringe of her hair as he thinks. he watches Ike and Monty, flicking his gaze to Tori and her collection of computer geeks. A slow smile twists his lips and he starts to laugh.

"What you are asking, Goddess Blessed, is difficult to answer. Not because of Gargoyle secrets, but because each instance is different."

Suddenly somber, he looks at Traeger. "You may not want me involved with Pandora, when this discussion is done."

Raising Pandora's fingers to his lips. Ob kisses them, mulling over what he has to say. His mind touches Stoney's and he feels the joy, the wonder as he feels the movements in Alise' belly. Ob withdraws slowly, letting them have their quiet moment.

"Stoney comes from an undiluted line of Gargoyle. What that will do to a human bearing his young ... Well. she will quicken at a fast pace. Probably... maybe half the normal pregnancy of a human? It is going to get painful for her though. Her body will not adjust as easily." He pauses, lost in thought. "Alise isn't truly human... I mean... her body was formed of clay and magic. She may adjust to carrying better. After all... she IS much like Gargoyles. Her body was stone, turned flesh."

The fingers of his free hand drum the table as he strokes the back of Pandora's neck. Ob licks his upper lip, thinking. He is far away as he speaks.

"I am Gargoyle and Romanavich. That isn't the same as human and Gargoyle."

He drops his gaze to the table top, watching his fingers. His other hand slides from Pandora's neck and covers his fingers. The knuckles pale as he thinks, his words come slowly.

"My Father was Gargoyle, but not full blooded. He was half Daemon. Ever see the gargoyles that look like armored dragons? Papa' was one of those. Madre'... she is Romanavich. The Romanavich were human, once."  His fingers trace along the grain of the wood to keep from clenching. "The Romanavich still have their gifts... They ARE Gypsies. But they are no longer human. No one knows if the clan mixed with other bloods, or if our shape shifting abilities come from Allah, like the legends say. Thing is, we shift like weres. We have one animal form we turn into, not many like shifters."

He begins to tap the table top again. "My mother gave birth in four months. It was short for her people. Short for Gargoyles too. My father came to see me once I was born. He was disappointed. I looked too human." Ob sighs. "He was looking for some sign that I was his. The color of my hair, my skin was not enough. He left."

"I am his shame. Not Gargoyle enough, not Daemon enough." His gaze shifted back to the couple. "Stoney won't be like that. I won't let him."

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