Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The bottled blood Pandora provided me before we left is all gone. Tomorrow I either have to go back to the Tavern, or I have to hunt.

I come into the cottage and see Rowan sitting in an armchair reading. "How's the patient?"

"Coming along nicely. Sleeping just at the moment."

"Is Raina with her?"

"No, she left Panther with her - said something about taking a shower. She just went back to your room a minute ago."

Our room? Is that the way people think of Raina and me already? I hope it doesn't get back to Raina - I can't imagine it would please her.

I go on back to "our" room, into the bathroom. The shower is running and I have to raise my voice a little to be heard.

"I'm out of blood. Tomorrow at the latest I have to get back to the Tavern, or I have to go hunting. I doubt the old man will want me hunting on his property."

Raina pokes her head out from between the curtains. "Maybe Alise will be well enough to go out by then. I'll ask Rowan. If not… well, I'm sure it'll be okay to leave her alone for awhile. Mortuis will be here, and Stoney, and the asshole is dead." She gives me the kind of look I can feel down low. "Want to scrub my back?"

There are really only two answers to that question: "Yes." and "Hell, yes!"

My duster hits the armchair a second later and the rest of my clothes follow in short order. Ten seconds later I'm in the shower and Raina's back is pressed hard against the front of me.

I reach around to cup her breasts and she moves against me. "Mmmmm… I've missed this."

Oh, yeah - me too. I stroke her tits, moving toward her nipples, teasing and tugging and stretching. My lips trace the length of her neck, hot and wet… I use my teeth - NOT my fangs - just over the jugular vein and she grinds back hard. My cock is hard as marble between us. She does a slow turn and kisses me, her tongue in my mouth, doing a tonsil search. I cup her ass and hold her tight against me; sort of a waste of time because you couldn't fit a sheet of paper between us anyway, but damn, it feels good! She uses her teeth, licking and sucking and biting my lips, her nails digging into my ass. Her nipples are hot against my chest…. She backs off a step, shakes water out of her eyes and purrs like Panther. "Nick," she says in a throaty voice, "I have a problem that I hope you can help me with."

I grin. "Thought you wanted me to do your back."

She grins right back, eyes alight with heat. "I think this takes precedence; besides, we might need to take another shower when we're done."

I give her the hint of a vamp smile and suddenly scoop her off her feet. I hold her in my arms, her arms going around my neck. Vampire strength and vampire balance - nothing quite like it.

I look into her eyes. "As my lady commands."

I take her out of the shower and dry her quickly. The old man doesn't skimp on the amenities - the towel is thick enough to lose a golf ball in. I walk her back to the bed, kissing her all the way; then I lay her down and move to lie beside her. I stroke a  hand through her still damp hair and lean in to kiss her again. Her lips are soft and warm and hungry. Her body is hot, consuming me like a fever. I've felt nothing like this in nearly a hundred and fifty years.

"Gods, Raina, I want you." I've unconsciously fallen into her manner of speech - well, why not? According to the god I once believed in, I'm a damned thing, fit only for Hell.

She opens her legs with a smile. Damn, after Alise was abducted I wondered if I'd ever see that again. I've seen frustration and I've seen rage, but now to see simple, honest happiness just about does me in.

Her fingers snake between my legs, caressing my cock teasingly. I kiss her hard, fiercely, sucking her tongue, moving to her throat to kiss and lick and bite. She shivers all the way down to her toes and I kiss her breasts, leaving hot little marks all over them. I let myself go a little vampy and press the point of one fang to her nipple and she writhes beneath me; I suck hard and she gasps, squeezing her thighs together. My eyes have gone red and my voice is husky when I speak again.

"I want your pussy, baby." Her legs move apart again and I kiss and lick and bite my way down her body. Her lips are swollen and hot and I outline them with the tip of my tongue. "Oh gods, Nick… don't tease me like this! I need to cum, lover. Make me cum, I don't care how - make me cum all over you!"

I'm so tempted when she says that, but I stay in control. I fasten my lips to hers and shove my tongue deep into her pussy, tongue-fucking her hard. She yelps and her ass almost comes off the bed. I keep my mouth glued to her pussy, drinking down her juices, hot and sweet… She locks her thighs around my neck, shoves her pussy into my face - just where I want it - and my tongue goes insane inside her - flicking, swirling, sucking. Her moans increase,  moving up the scale to a harsh ragged scream and then she shrieks and gushes into my mouth. I stay right on her, drinking down her offering, then move up to take her clit between my lips and suck. She shudders, her hips jerking, pulling my face into her again and again and again, until she lies still, spent…

for now.

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