Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ob and Pandora had eaten, taken a long relaxing shower, and finally headed to the main floor. The Tavern is full, but not overly crowded. Monty is nowhere in sight. Neither is Ike. Ob comments on it to Pandora and heads to the stage to check out their equipment. Tori is there, and quickly fills Ob in on what happened while he was busy.

He sighs. "Tori..." Ob shakes his head at Tori's smile. "Listen, how about a little jam session tonight, We could have people sit in."

Tori nods and Ob looks up, The backdoor had opened and he can scent Stoney and Alise. There is another with them, a Magic Wielder from the scent and feel.

Stoney is shielding from everyone. Ob smiles and catches Tori's eye. She nods, agreeing to let them get settled before joining them.

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