Friday, December 24, 2010

Guunnar grins, looking into her eyes. " You are more than Big Girl. You are *Amasonas. I like Amasonas. So... you say another man? Bah, that is no problem. The vampire, ja?"

He picks up Raina and tosses her over his shoulder. People move out of his way as he carries her to the bar. He asks Patti to bring over a tumbler of blood to Nick, then asks a laughing Raina what she wants.

Patti nods and gets a bottle of tequila and goes for the blood as Guunnar strides back to Nick's table. he deposits Raina on the table top and grins.

Keon yells at him, from across the room, to stop manhandling the women. Guunnar flips him off, laughing the whole time.


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