Friday, December 24, 2010

Ob stares at Pandora, his eyes sparkling ice in the dark room. As he takes one step towards her, she begins to step back. His hand streaks out and pulls her to him. Turning, he shoves her to the wall, kissing her hard.

His hand slips between them, and he rips open his jeans, forcing them down. His mouth still devouring her, tongue exploring deeply, Ob lifts Pandora high enough to rub himself along her wet slit. Her moans spurr him onward. Pandora's legs wrap around his hips and Ob finds her opening. he lunges, spearing deep. Pandora bucks against him and he loses control. There is no holding back. Things rattle on the wall as he pounds into her, his mouth exploring her neck, working lower in little nips and bites.

His breath comes in pants as he fights to control his need. Every pulse of her quim, every wet, hot squeeze, pushes him closer to the edge.

"Cum for me Bruha. Cum soon..." His teeth scrape along her throat and he shudders as she clenches around him. "Fuck, Mujer... you are going to..." He groans and thrusts deep, holding her tight to him as she ground hard.

Ob staggers to the bed and drops onto it, letting her ride him. The drop thrusts him deeper and he groans.

"Soon Mi Amor... oh Goddess... soon!"

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