Friday, December 24, 2010

Raina is laughing so hard she almost falls off the table as she tries to get off. Nick catches her and pulls her into his lap as he sits, kissing her deeply. “So, it looks like he doesnt have much a problem with joining us...”

“No”, says Raina, trying to catch her breath from laughing and the kiss. “I would say no problem at all from the sounds of it. As long as you are still sure.” A song comes on the jukebox that Raina likes and she stands, her legs straddling Nick in the chair. She starts to move her hips back and forth and the movement slowly works its way up her body.

No is a dirty word
Never gonna say it first
'No' is just the thought
That never crosses my mind

Maybe in the parking lot
Better bring your friend along
Better off together than just one at a time

S is for the simple need
E is for the ecstasy
X is just to mark the spot
Cause thats the one you really want

She raises her arms and lifts her hair up, showing Guunnar her bare back. Twisting to look at him she blows him a kiss.

Nick pulls her down, “You better stop your teasing or we are going to have to call it an early night. And what are people going to think when you take both of us up to your room?”

Laughing Raina leans close, “They will be thinking how lucky you guys are.”

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