Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rowan decides to wait outside, thinking this may take longer than she originally thought. I cant blame them. I am sure I would feel the same way. I cant imagine all that they have been through, and when you figure in how many lifetimes....

Outside the stars and the moon were radiant, a perfect night. Rowan mentally checks off lists in her head, calls she needed to make, patients she needed to see. I think I have it all finished for today... sitting on the bench outside the cottage she holds her hands palms up and rests them on her knees. Looking up at the bright stars she starts a prayer...

Loving and Gracious Goddess
Let me know your perfect Trust
Where there is hatred, let me know love
Where there is doubt, let me know faith
Where there is sickness, let me know health
Where there is war, let me know peace
where there is darkness, let me know light
So that I might go out in the world as a candle
A reflection of your divine light
Twinkling like a star in the night sky
Waiting with expectation for the dawn …

Wandering out of the cottage Alise sees Rowan sitting on the bench. She hurried over to her but stopped dead when she realized she was praying. Alise tried to silently turn and retrace her steps back to the house but Rowan had seen her.

“Alise, its all right. Come and sit with me. Its a beautiful night.”

“I am sorry Rowan, I did not mean to interrupt your... prayer... or...” Alise stumbles over her words, not knowing anything about Rowans faith and not wanting to offend her.

“Yes, its a prayer, and you are never interrupting. You dont have to be uncomfortable. You must have been raised Christian...” Rowan puts an arm around Alise, careful not to rub on the irritated skin.

Alise nods, “Catholic, but I am afraid I was not a very good one.” At Rowans questioning glance Alise continues, “When I was little I couldnt wait to get outside, sitting in church was too boring. And after I met Stoney I couldnt wait to meet him in the cemetery after church. And when I was older, I just did not understand it or like it. Maybe if I had paid more attention when I was suppose to.... The pretres and the noones, they were mean and tried to beat me more than once. But they were old and I could get away and hide in the cemetery. Stoney showed me all the places that they would never look...” and she smiled at the memory. Then my papa, he wanted to me have this grand affair of a would have been awful. I am so relieved that none of that is important to Stoney, the church things I mean...”

“I understand completely. I would feel the same way if I were you. So, are you and Stoney going to have a binding and a handfasting ceremony? If so, I can help with that, I have done a lot of them. And as long as we are talking about things...Do you want me to deliver your baby or babies? I understand if you want to go to the hospital for it, I wont be offended...”

Alise was so relieved she was close to tears, “Yes, I want you to do this. I am afraid of the hospital and dont really want to go there.” She rests her head on Rowans shoulder, “Merci, we owe you so much.”

Rowan leans down and places a kiss on the blond head, “You dont owe me a thing. It will be a blessing, and who wouldnt want to be there for that?”

Stoney had stepped out of the cottage and when he noticed the two women sitting on the bench talking he kept to the shadows. Alise needed a mother now and Rowan might the closest thing to one she could have at this point. He could feel her thoughts and sense her happiness and relief that Rowan would take care of her throughout the pregnancy. The tavern wasnt going anywhere, Alise needed these few moments with this woman...

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