Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Stoney rises and nods to Rowan's mug.


He pours tea in his mug and hers at her nod. Settling back onto the floor, Stoney strokes Alise's braid gently, avoiding touching her back. His eyes linger on her sleeping form.

"Will she have scars? Some of the stripes were infected. I don't want her having reminders of that monstre. There will be enough in her head. She doesn't need them on her body."

He trails a finger along an errant curl.

"We will be fine. We have to be."

His voice is soft, almost nonexistent, a mere whisper, yet he knows Rowan hears him. He settles into Alise's dream, watching her replay their first meeting. He adds his memories to hers.

He had shook his head, not speaking at first. When she chatted on, asking again if he was a monster, he had answered "*non, aucun monstre… Je suis gargouille."

Her laughter was like the chimes hung in the trees. "^Vous n'ĂȘtes pas une gargouille. Ils sont des choses laides de pierre. Vous ĂȘtes un chiot! Quel est votre nom? Ne vous occupez jamais. Je vous appelle Chiot."

They had played with the ball until they heard her nana calling. He watched her as she took her ball and ran up the steps, promising to come play again. as long as he didn't let the monsters come eat her.

Her innocent "**Au revoir Chiot! Je t'aime!" stayed with him to this day.

He feels Alise stirring and smiles as she turns her head, opening her lavender eyes in a lazily sensual awakening.

*no, not a monster, a gargoyle.
^You are not a gargoyle. They are ugly things of stone. You are a puppy! What is your name? Never mind. I am calling you Puppy.
** Goodbye Chiot! I love you!

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