Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Raina was talking to Nick when she saw Alise laugh at the shifter. She had been keeping an eye on her even though she wasnt too worried about anything happening. Stoney wasnt letting her out of his sight either. Her sides hurt from laughing so much, but it was a good feeling after the days of worry and anxiety. When Guunar told Alise to sit, Nick looked at Raina, “What? Really?”

“Yeah, she asked me not to say anything. Sorry. They wanted to let the rest of the family know, but I dont think she meant quite like this.” Raina fills her glass from the bottle at their table.

She pauses, the bottle poised over her glass for a second and she sets it down. “He said babies didnt he?

Nick nods his head, “I'm pretty sure thats what he said. Why?”

“Babies, with an 's', not baby, but babies, as in more than one... damn.... talk about overwhelming. And just so you dont get any crazy ideas about procreating, I cant. Took care of that a long time ago.”

Nick smiled, “You never wanted children, a family?”

“I have a family, just not the traditional kind.” Raina takes a long drink, “I wouldnt be a good mother. I didnt have one growing up, I have absolutely no patience, I drink entirely too much and I have a dragon that would eat the poor thing the minute it got annoying. Not good odds on survival for the little one. But Alise, she will be great with kids. Oh... and I did promise I would be stay until she has it... or them... whatever... so you get to put up with me at least until then.”

“Like that will be hard to do.” Nick grins...

“Be nice if its hard”, Raina replies with a wicked grin. “And I have a question for you, love. What do you think of threesomes?”

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