Friday, December 24, 2010

Alise smiles at Ike, “Mon Dieu, half bodies?? I love your song, and yes, you will have to teach me some lullabies. I dont remember any, if I ever knew any at all. I wish I could remember if I had nieces or nephews”. Looking at Stoney, “Do you know anything about my family? I know I had brothers and sisters, did any of them have children?”

Alise asks Stoney to trade places with her, so she can sit closer to Ike. “Do you want to feel them? They are moving a lot now.” Ike nods and Alise places her hand on her tummy. Ike smiles as she feels them move. Alise looks from one to the other and asks, “Do either of you know if the babies are boys or girls?” She looks at Stoney, “You knew that there were two of them...”

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