Friday, December 24, 2010

Traeger chuckled... "There isn't anything in this group that is "Normal"...I see some extraordinary occurrence here almost daily. You and I being practically normal humans are really out of our league here, sometimes I wonder if I will ever learn all I need to fit in. It is our pagan spirit that draws us to them...and thus they accept us in their midst."

Traeger asked Patti to freshen Rowan's whiskey and they watched the crowd moving about the room. Traeger wondered about Rowan's private life, there was a hesitation in her voice when she said she never married... that told him there was someone she cared for once; but it was not something she was willing to talk about obviously.

He was content to have the company of this redhaired vixen this evening... she was very learned and had many interesting things to divulge as they conversed, her eyes were a warm brown with highlights of fire in their depths... he perceived her as a woman that would be fierce in her emotions if she were to care for someone. She showed that in the way she had taken Alise under her wing and supported her healing with the extra attention a mother would give a girl. A fine woman worth getting to know better if she took a fancy to him....

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