Friday, December 24, 2010

"I remember other women in the clan who bore halflings."

He keeps his gaze on Alise and Stoney. His brother raises his head and grins at Ob, opening his mind for Ob to feel the wonder. Ob smiles and Stoney's own expression falters. Ob shakes his head, letting Stoney feel the happiness he has for him.

"The pequeno se, the little ones... they were normal, just grew faster, came sooner than full Romanavich. Others in the clan carried seven months."

He watches Stoney. "No, He will not be like papa'. His babies were conceived with love. Not like me."

His hand touches Pandora's. It is a tentative touch, as if he waits for her to pull away.

"You know the truth of me, Bruha. I am Daemon. It is not something... I am... a child of violence, not love. Mi papa' raped mi Madre'. He thought the act would make me more Daemonic. As it is, there is a side that likes..." He sighs.

"Allah's Light chose me over another who could have carried it. Some say it saw into the heart of me and my music sings to the light. I don't know. I left the tribes not long after Silk did.There are many there who blamed me for what happened."

Ob turns his attention back to Rowan. His eyes are darker than midnight, a deep blue that is unusual once people are accustomed to his normal ice blue.

"Bring your elf. I worry that Stoney will... scare her. Or myself, or Keon... She will feel our darknesses. But Alise may help her heal as she helps Alise deal with twins.."

His eyes touch Pandora's and slip away, looking at her hair, the curve of her shoulder.

"My were change is full dragon. You've seen Silk in her different forms. I can't do that. I am either Gargoyle, This," His hand gestures down his body, "Halfway between, Dragon, or Daemon. My gift is Music, my curse is Possession. I am not a pure heart like Stoney. Any... any child we have..." Ob breaks off, staring at nothing.

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