Wednesday, December 22, 2010

When Marc was close enough for Alise to touch, she has to take a deep breath, thinking she was going to pass out. He wanted to apologize, Stoney had said and after all the shifters had done to help it would be rude of her not to accept his apology. Marc's howl of joy at her touch takes her by surprise and startles her but she laughs at his expression of happiness.

She starts to rise at the sound of Keons voice intending to greet them and answer Keons question but Guunars voice stops her, and her smile fades. Her mind goes blank for a minute as those close by take in what the rider has said.

Her mind searches for Stoneys, He said said a chance....babies? How does he know this? Do you know somehow?

She slowly lowers herself to the chair, her face a shade paler, her mind a turmoil. When Stoney had said multiple births run in the family she didnt really think it could happen to her.

Mon Dieu, I dont know how to take care of one baby and there are two? It is just two, right? No more...?

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