Friday, December 24, 2010

Pandora didn't recoil from Ob as he thought she might...instead she stepped toward him and began planting small kisses on the dark reptilian skin of his face,murmuring to him " It is still you inside this skin Obsidian Heart...I love all that is you,and should some days present you in this light I will love you still. I am not frightened by your looks...the only thing that frightened me was that you would not share this shame with me,for it is not as dreadful as you suppose."

Pandora giggled,hoping to lighten the mood..."I know many wytches that would envy me for having my own dragon."..."although" she said as she ran her hands over the coiled ropes of hair..."I do prefer the rainbow hair that you usually wear."  She ran her hands over the outlines of his face and down his body,facinated with the dark scales and the glistening feel of them. " Obsidian,it is your soul that binds me...but I accept all that is you,and there is no shame in being what you are, it was beyond you to change what is...don't fret over it again,it is of no consequense to me.

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