Tuesday, December 21, 2010

 Pandora relaxed into Obs arms...enjoying the feel of his body pressed to hers,she danced with abandon herself...letting the  music take her away. Her hips ground against Ob's pelvis...her pubic bone caressing his manhood beneath his jeans,it wouldn't be long before he started to rise with the sexual nature of their dancing.

Pandora slid a hand into his hair,running her fingers through it as she worked down to his chest....she started sliding her hand under his shirt...caressing and giving a little moan as she encountered his hard muscled chest. She left her hand there and looked up into his eyes..."I don't know who wields the magick here, for I swear I am under a spell...I can't seem to get enough of you"....Ob lowered his head and she responded with her lips parted and ready..their tongues danced just as their bodies did,the kiss deep and full of meaning.

The dance ended,but the sensual feeling didn't..Pandora was flushed when they returned to the table....the look she exchanged with Ob saying they would continue where they left off before the evening ended.

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