Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Stoney drops a hand on Jack's shoulder, and gets the same Oh SHIT expression he did when they first met.

"Jack, this is Rowan. She is Alise's healer, and a trusted friend." He grins and Alise elbows him. Stoney raises a brow at her, recognizing the behave look.

"Rowan, this is Jack, the custodian of the local dirt motel, tour guide for the more misty bodied residents, and... our waiter."

He smiles, something that feels like he has not done in a long time, and asks Jack to join them. He tells the ladies how Jack held the search together, helped keep things organized, and in the end, helped defend the Tavern. Stoney grins wickedly.

"I hear he even has an enchanted shovel now..."

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