Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Monty was trying to keep his cool with the big Swedish oaf caressing Ike's shoulder.  Rider or not, he was ready to deck him... being a supernatural and a marmur... he could understand all languages, his owners could speak any number of tongues... and he understood the bearded man's comment.

Looking at the Viking giant he murmured low.... "I understood your comment, and our business is none of yours... and my woman is not in need of your hands on her, Keon will care for her if more is needed." He stood possessively at Ike's side and put his arm around her shoulder,cautious of the area of injury. He was no way a match for the viking's stature,but if intent counted he could be vicious... he continued to glare at the giant till he took his hand from Ike.

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