Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rowan was keeping an eye on Alise. Afraid that seeing so many people at once after her ordeal and then days of resting would be too much for her. So far, she seemed fine, only a bit self-conscious about her face. Her attention was taken away from that thought by Pandoras father introducing himself.
Traeger... interesting name...

Rowan smiles at him in return, “I don't believe we've met... but there is something familiar about you...."

When he takes Rowans hand she cant help but notice his aura....Grey, an old soul, and one in pain, so much dark yellow, and the violet... and she closes her brown eyes for a couple of seconds and shuts off that part of her. Traeger starts talking to Jack and Rowan watches him, something about him was familiar, she just couldnt quite place what it was.

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