Friday, December 24, 2010

“Well... I think her and Nicholas took Guunnar upstairs... to... uummm... for... well... she said she would tell me all about it later, but maybe we shouldnt bother them until morning...” Alise laughs softly, “Or maybe we can send one of those messages on the phone...”

Stoney nods and sends a text, knowing Raina probably wouldnt see it until much later.

“If it works with Rowan and Raina can we go tomorrow night? I dont want to wait any longer than necessary.” She looks pleadingly at Jack and at Stoney.

How does Stoney refuse her anything when she looks at him like that? Out loud he says, “Sure, if its okay with everyone else, its okay with me.”

A few minutes later Jack returns to the table with Rowan. She sits down again and tells Stoney, “I will go with you but I have one condition. If at any time I think Alise or the babies are in danger you have to get her out of there.” Looking at Alise, “And no arguing, none. And I mean it. We all agree to this or I dont go.”

Stoney looks at Alise, his hand rubbing the back of her neck and looks back to Rowan, “Absolutely. I agree.”

Alise nods, “I agree, if its the only way..”

“You'll get no argument from me”, Jack responds.

“It is the only way. So, Jack, what else do we need to know, and how long do you think this will take? Do we start right at sundown?” Rowan asks the questions quickly, afraid that she will  realize how foolish this is and change her mind. But looking at Alises face she was more afraid that she would try to do something on her own and that could have tragic consequences.

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