Friday, December 24, 2010

I lie patiently while Guunnar cleans me up; I am SO not used to this. Raina has fallen back asleep, or nearly so, and we take our place on either side of her. She moans in her sleep as she feels us move in close to her, his warm skin and my cold flesh; the ghost of a smile flits over her lips. I can't resist that smile, so I lean in and kiss her, slow and lingering, my tongue exploring her mouth while Guunnar kisses the side of her neck, licking gently.

I look over to Guunnar and smile. We begin to mirror each other, kissing and touching Raina in the same place, in the same way, but on opposite sides. That proves to be too much a distraction for Raina, so I squeeze a breast while he licks at her throat, When he squeezes her other breast, I begin to lick and suck her nipple. He's always a half-step behind me and her head turns from one to the other, smiling, her eyes open but slitted.

"You're making me feel so good", she whispers. I shush her and then make sure of it with a slow, tender kiss.

When I move back, Guunnar is there, ready to kiss her wet mouth, slowly and lovingly.

I vamp out, just a bit, just so much that my nails extend, become sharper - and I rake them lightly - ever so lightly - over her skin. She erupts in gooseflesh and moans as I tease her.

Guunnar can't match that precisely, but his big hands caress her soft skin, warming what I've chilled. Her legs have naturally drifted apart and I move down to suck at her inner thigh.

Her legs open wider, giving me - us - freer access. Still for a moment I lick and suck only at her thigh. Guunnar moves to join me at the opposite thigh and we watch and lick and suck as her passion slowly builds.

She's wet - very wet - and Guunnar and I take turns licking her pussy. Our technique - or possible something else - makes the sensation different for each of us and Raina's head moves back and forth as we eat her, moaning.

Something about this is making me feel very strange, very different. How to define it...? It's as though there's a gentle warm glow inside my chest, a warm spot in all that cold. I feel like smiling a lot, too, yet I scarce know why.

I watch Guunnar lick her pussy, and I feel as satisfied as if it were my mouth down there giving her pleasure.  There's no jealousy - none! - only that warmth that builds within me at the look of her smile, the sounds of her pleasure.

And then it's my turn again and I eat her so tenderly, so gently, as though she were fragile and I'm fearful of breaking her.  I ease my tongue into her ass, giving her another type of arousal and she scissors her legs around my head, moaning. Guunnar is there now to kiss her wet mouth, to caress her breasts, her nipples, yet I feel as close to happiness as I've ever come since I died.

Guunnar moves down to join me between her legs; our skin touches, but it doesn't bother me. Once you've had a lover of the same sex, things like accidental skin contact cease to matter very much to you. I lick at her clit while Guunnar eats her pussy; then after awhile, we switch.

Raina is trembling like a leaf caught in a spiderweb, her legs jerking as we eat her. We're gentle but relentless, our tongues flicking out to tease and caress, and suddenly she screams and cums. Guunnar and I are there to catch every drop of her offering and we don't move until we've wrung her dry, till the trembling in her legs has ceased and she lies still.

We move up to lie on either side of her again and take turns kissing her. If it bothers her to be kissing lips that a moment ago were pressed tight between her legs, it doesn't show on her face.

"Awwww, now you've gotten all hot and sweaty again." I grin. "Maybe we should check out the hot tub down the hall. What do you think?"

"If I can walk that far," Raina says wryly.

"No problem, liebchen." Guunnar lifts Raina like she's a doll. "Lead the way, vampire."

I arch an eyebrow. "You want to go out there naked?"

"If I have something that someone out there has never seen before, they can kill it."

Well, when you put it like that....

We make it to the room without frightening anyone, though Patti is in the hallway and smiles slightly as we pass. Once inside, Guunnar lowers Raina to the ground and I start prepping the hot tub. In the meantime, Raina has Guunnar in a lip-lock, every inch of that gorgeous body pressed tight against his.

When the water's hot enough to parboil, I motion the other two points of the triangle over. "All aboard," I saw, smiling. They climb in and lean back, and I follow.

So much for vampires not being able to deal with running water... I scoot over next to Raina and we lean back and sigh as the hot water turns our muscles to jelly. Guunnar starts to knead the muscles in her shoulders and neck and she moans, relaxing still more. Should have known the guy would know about massage…. When he's done with Raina, she's as limp as overcooked spaghetti and he motions to me. "Come on over, Nikolas, I don't bite."

Well, no, that's my department, I think, but I go on over to him. He turns me around like a kid's toy and pulls me tight against him. I can feel his cock against my ass and I stiffen. "Relax, Nikolas. If I wanted you that badly, I could have had you already."

He doesn't know much about vampire strength if he thinks that's the case, but he is right about one thing - he's done nothing to earn my mistrust. I put myself in his hands - literally - and soon I'm as limp as Raina.

We move together as a group again in a kind of loose three-way hug and it doesn't take long before we're necking again. This time, though, there's no intent to arouse; now we're just sharing intimacy with each other and if occasionally a guy touches another guy, it's no big deal.

When we're so loose we need to get out or be fished out the next morning with a wire basket, we get out of the tub, wrap towels around ourselves - Raina does something clever with three towels that I couldn't duplicate if I was twice as old as I am - and head back to the room.

The sun is on the horizon when we get back to Raina's room. We turn on the lights and I drop the emergency blackout curtains that Pandora had installed once it became clear that I wasn't always sleeping in my room.

Guunnar, bless his pillaging heart, has thought ahead again and brings out a bottle of some kind of lotion - a moisturizer to replace the oils boiled away by the hot tub. Between us, we give Raina a thorough rubdown with the stuff. Her skin is pink and a little flushed when we're done, and she looks as lovely as ever I've seen her. That warmth again…. We share another of those three-way hugs again, then get into the bed and we're out cold before the sun rises.

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