Friday, December 24, 2010

Guunnar groans, moving carefully so as not to wake the others. He makes his way to the bathroom, hoping to freshen up. Closing the door, he spies some washcloths and towels. After cleaning himself a bit, he soaps one cloth, wets another with warm water, and grabs a few towels. Both Nicholas and Raina are still asleep when he returns to the room.

Spreading Raina's legs, Guunnar begins to clean her of the sticky mess their passions have left behind. She moves, sighing as her eyes drift open. Guunnar urges her to roll over onto a towel and gently cleans her sore rectum. Leaning forward, he brushes his mustache across the curve of her ass.

Nicholas shifted slightly, moving onto his back, when Raina rolled over. Guunnar begins to slowly wash the residue from his thighs. He breathes in the aroma of good sex and smiles, watching carefully as Nicholas wakens. His touch is calm, moving up from thighs to groin, then down to cup and soap Nicholas' manhood, then sac.

Using the warm cloth, Guunnar wipes away the soap. He ignores the slight arousal from his touch and lays a towel on the bed.

"Roll over, Nikolas. I vill finish."

When the vampire gets comfortable, Guunnar gently spreads his cheeks. He feels Nicholas tense and curbs the temptation to explore the lean pale body under his large hands. The cloth finds its way along his crease, leaving a soapy trail. The warm cloth washes away the soap as Guunnar observes.

"Passion... it is a gut thing. Very messy though, ja?"

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