Friday, December 24, 2010

“I just wondered if you knew, that is all. I dont care what we have as long as they are healthy and not too small. Rowan seems worried about that because twins sometimes come early. You think they will be early too?”

Alise relaxes against Stoney, laughing as Ike moves her hand around her belly.

“What did Ob say? Why is he concerned? Pain? No, just these fingers. They always ache. And my hip, but that is probably from that cut, it still is not healed.”

Alise picks up on Stoneys thoughts and suddenly she sits straight up, “Five months??! Total? Chiot, I am already a little more than two.... How can this be, that the babies grow so much faster? Because I was a statue before? I dont understand.... why would Ob tell you not to be like his father? And I can tell this makes him sad...” Alise is concerned, Ob is like a brother to her and the first person who talked to her when she was spirit.

She takes Stoneys hand, “You will be a wonderful father, I know this. Please dont worry about that. I am scared too, but we will be fine. I just never thought the babies would be here so soon.”

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