Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rowan sighs, “I think the only one we have to worry about is the stripe along her hip. It was infected and not healing when she escaped. It wont be a bad scar though, just a thin line that will fade in time. Once its healed there are some things we can try to speed up the fading.”

Rowan sips her tea, glad for the distraction. Even though she had chosen her life and had no regrets there were times that reminded her how often she was alone. Thankfully, it didnt happen very often, but seeing how much Stoney cared for Alise was hard in a way that was difficult for her to define.

“I think you and Raina are doing a good job of keeping that monster out of her head. I know you both will be fine. And once the baby or babies are here, there wont be room for any monsters. Just dont be afraid to ask for help if you need it. This has all got to be at least a bit overwhelming for both of you.”

“Babies”, Stoney responded almost absently, his mind with Alise and reliving some of their childhood.

Alise starts to stir, and Rowan excuses herself, knowing they need time to heal and talk. “A shower sounds lovely, just yell at me if you need anything.”

Stoney nods, “Merci, for all you have done. We appreciate your help more than you know.” His eyes never leaving Alise...

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