Friday, December 24, 2010

Ob waves Ike and Tori off and looks at Pandora. Ike threatens to beat him if he doesn't talk to her, and heads off to Monty, a smile lighting her green eyes. Tori just glares and walks away. Ob can feel the conflict, the waves of Pandora's emotions. Traeger's are of fierce protection. He expected no less.

There is hesitation in his steps as he heads for the table. He still can not look into her eyes, but holds his hand out to her.

"Come walk with me?"

He is half surprised when she takes his hand. He leads her out the back door, stopping a moment to stare up at the moon. In less than a breath his eyes darken, becoming almost black, and he flexes dragon wings. Sweeping her up in his arms, he surges into the sky. By the time they land on the roof, his hair has bound itself into jeweled snakelike strands and his skin has changed into obsidian armor. He gently sets her on the shingles, one hand supporting her. He turns a face gone reptilian to hers and gestures at himself.

"Can you love this? I am not even remotely human. I am not a gargoyle. I am a... monster."

He looks up at the sky. "Pandora, mi madre' was raped by mi papa'. I was born looking like this. Many in the clan wanted me left in the sands. Padre', Raul, refused. When he died, it broke madre'. She followed soon after. Silk's family took me in." He looks back at Pandora. "I wasn't what my own mother loved. Why should you?" he turned his gaze over the lights of the town. "Only Stoney ever knew and he swore never to tell. The girls don't even know. Well. maybe they do now."

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