Friday, December 24, 2010

"You want to do what?"

Alise calmly repeats her request.

Well, that's just ducky…. "Alise… sweetiebabycookiehoney, you don't know what you're saying. From what you've told me, that farmhouse was the scene of torture and murder many times over. There are going to be things there that aren't ghosts, that can do real physical damage." She looks confused, so I try to explain. "Look… the house and the area around it is saturated with violence and violent emotions. That kind of thing attracts all sorts of supernatural nasties; they circle the place like vultures, hoping for more of the same.

Now during the day, they're weak, mostly. But at night… it'd be like wearing a target around your neck. 'Free Munchies! Come And Get It!'"

Alise looks near to tears. "But if we go during the day, Stoney cannot go."

"I can go on my own. Nothing the nasties can do can hurt me, and I've been doing this for over two hundred years."

"Jacques… I have to see for myself. I have to know it has been done."

I study her face, lovely as always, yet grim and determined, too. Finally I sigh. "Do you think Rowan would come with us?"

"If you ask, I think so. Why?"

"Because she can cast a magic circle with the two of you in the center of it. Takes some major mojo to cross one of those things. Anyway, it's the best chance we've got."

"She's over by the bar - why not ask her yourself?"

"Well, Rowan isn't all that I want. I want our favorite vampire and Viking babe to come along, too."

"Why so many?"

"Because if there are nasties out there, we need people who can fight. You and Rowan can't leave the circle, and notwithstanding my 'magic shovel' " - I look around for Ob, not finding him - "I'm pretty hopeless in a fight. I'd just as soon not wake Mortuis at this time of night, assuming he actually sleeps… and Nick and Raina are right here."

Alise grins wickedly. "They may be a little spent, but we can ask."

I look at her, confused. "Is there something I should know?

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